News-sentiment Website

Through textual analysis of financial news, we assess the macroeconomic conditions. Using the content of 166,822 articles from Wind Financial News spanning from January 2013 to June 2021, we have developed a topic model. This model summarizes macroeconomic news into 80 intelligible topics, and quantifies the proportion of news attention allocated to each topic at each time point. Simultaneously, we provide a presentation of highly relevant vocabulary associated with each topic. Subsequently, we utilize our news attention estimates as input for a numerical economic time series statistical model, thereby obtaining higher-frequency macroeconomic data.

Online Portfolio Evaluation Platform

The online portfolio evaluation platform is a tool that helps personal investment by providing backtesting and forecasting capabilities. It can evaluate the performance of existing portofolios and predict future returns using different forecasting methods based on these portfolios. The existing portfolios should only based on US, China, and Hong Kong stock markets. Users can input the transaction information including the trading day, the stock name, and the number of shares bought or sold, it will generate a line chart about the daily returns leading up to 2022 and a summary of important statistics. Users can also choose a forecasting model from Arima, CAPM, FF3, and FF5 to predict the future returns, it will generate a line chart about the returns for next twenty days and a summary of daily, weekly, and monthly returns. All results are compared with the stock market index in US, China, and Hong Kong.